West Roanoke River Greenway Feasibility Study

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Roanoke County is conducting a feasibility study to determine realistic alignments for the Roanoke River Greenway between Green Hill Park and Montgomery County, with technical assistance from the National Park Service Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program. The study began in summer 2022 and will run through 2023.

Summer 2023 Community Meetings


After the Fall 2022 community meetings and survey, Roanoke County staff reviewed and analyzed feedback from the community meetings and survey, and met with stakeholders, to develop potential route recommendations. 

Community Meetings

In July 2023, Roanoke County held a second round of community meetings and published a second survey to receive feedback on the potential route alternatives. 74 people attended the meetings at the WVWA Spring Hollow Water Treatment Plant and at Fort Lewis Elementary School. Large maps of the potential route recommendations, and additional informational materials, were displayed at the community meetings. Staff were on hand at the community meetings to answer any questions.


An informational video has been produced highlighting the work that has been completed since the first round of community meetings. This video was shown twice at each community meeting, and can also be viewed online (click on the button at right). 


Paper surveys were mailed to all residents and landowners in the study area, were available at the Glenvar Library and were available at the community meetings. The survey closed on July 31.

Summer 2023 Survey Results

Next Steps

Staff will analyze survey responses and meet with stakeholder groups again. Once route recommendations are determined, the West Roanoke River Greenway Feasibility Study will be drafted and made available for public comment. The Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors are expected to both hold public hearings on the draft Study. The Board of Supervisors would consider adoption of the final Study as part of the Roanoke County Comprehensive Plan. After Board of Supervisors adoption, the County would begin seeking funding to design and construct short sections of the greenway in locations where land and right-of-way is available. There will be many opportunities for public input as part of the Study adoption and as part of future funding applications.

  1. Isaac Henry

    Transportation Planner

  2. Megan Cronise

    Assistant Director of Planning