Trash Collection for Streets Beginning with A

Listing of Streets in Roanoke County

To find your trash collection day or bulk collection week (either A Week or B Week), select the first letter of your street name. Search for the street you live on alphabetically.

Street Names A through M

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Street Names N Through Z

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If your street is not listed, please contact the Solid Waste Office at 540-387-6225.

Street Name
Pick-Up Day
A / B Week
Aaron's Run CircleWednesdayA Week
Abbey CircleThursdayB Week
Abney RoadWednesdayB Week
Absalom Smith RoadWednesdayB Week
Acorn TrailWednesdayB Week
Adair CircleMondayA Week
Adam DriveThursdayB Week
Adel CircleWednesdayA Week
Adrian StreetMondayB Week
Aerospace RoadMondayB Week
Afton LaneThursdayB Week
Airpoint CircleTuesdayB Week
Airpoint DriveTuesdayB Week
Airpoint RoadTuesdayB Week
Airport RoadWednesdayB Week
Albert RoadWednesdayB Week
Alcoa RoadMondayB Week
Alexander DriveWednesdayB Week
Alexandra CourtThursdayB Week
Alleghany DriveWednesdayA Week
Allie LaneTuesdayA Week
Alltree TrailWednesdayB Week
Almond RoadMondayB Week
Alpine RoadThursdayA Week
Amanda LaneMondayB Week
Ambassador DriveWednesdayB Week
Amber CourtTuesdayB Week
Amber Wood CourtWednesdayB Week
Anchor DriveWednesdayB Week
Andrew AvenueWednesdayA Week
Angel LaneThursdayA Week
Ann LaneTuesdayB Week
Annie Holland DriveTuesdayB Week
Antietam DriveMondayA Week
Apache RoadWednesdayB Week
Apollo DriveWednesdayB Week
Apple Blossom LaneTuesdayA Week
Apple Grove LaneTuesdayB Week
Apple Harvest DriveThursdayB Week
Apple Orchard DriveTuesdayB Week
Appletree DriveThursdayB Week
Apricot TrailThursdayB Week
April LaneThursdayB Week
Arabian LaneWednesdayB Week
Archer CircleTuesdayA Week
Archer DriveMondayB Week
Arcturus DriveTuesdayA Week
Ardmore DriveThursdayA Week
Arlington Hills DriveTuesdayA Week
Arrow DriveTuesdayA Week
Arrowhead LaneWednesdayB Week
Arrowhead TrailWednesdayA Week
Arthur StreetMondayB Week
Artrip LaneWednesdayA Week
Ashbury CourtThursdayB Week
Ashbury DriveThursdayB Week
Ashebrook DriveMondayB Week
Ashmeade DriveMondayA Week
Ashmont DriveTuesdayB Week
Ashton LaneThursdayA Week
Aster StreetThursdayA Week
Aston LaneMondayB Week
Austin AvenueThursdayA Week
Autumn DriveThursdayB Week
Autumn Park DriveTuesdayB Week
Autumnwood LaneWednesdayB Week
Avalon CircleWednesdayA Week
Ayrshire DriveTuesdayA Week
Azalea CircleThursdayB Week
Azalea RoadMondayB Week

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