Residential: Interior Alterations / Finishing A Basement


Select a link below to learn more about the permits, documents, and inspections required when you make interior alterations to your home or finish a basement or attic space.

  1. Do I Need A Permit?
  2. Who Should Apply?
  3. Documents
  4. Resources
  5. Process
  6. Payment and Fees
  7. Typical Inspections

Do I Need A Permit?

If you are doing any of the following you will need a Residential Building Permit…
(This is not an all-inclusive list. If you have a question as to whether you need a permit please call 540-772-2065)

  • Unfinished Basement or Attic has rough framing and you are completing with walls, electrical and/or plumbing
  • Altering an Unfinished Basement or Attic to any finished living space
  • Moving, removing or adding any walls or partitions in the home
  • Repairing, altering, enlarging or modifying any structural element of the house to include load-bearing stud walls, column piers, footings, foundations, floor joists, rafters, beams or girders
  • Enlarging or adding a door opening or window opening