County Voices Speakers Bureau

Police Chief HallSpeakers and programs for your civic league or community organization. Roanoke County offers a range of free presentations for your civic league, community-based organization, or citizen groups of 10 or more. County Voices speakers want you to know how local government works each day on your behalf. When you reserve a speaker for your group, you'll have a face-to-face opportunity to hear about and discuss Roanoke County's many activities, programs and services. After you have selected a topic, email us your request. You may also make your request in writing by sending it to:

County Voices
Public Information Office
5204 Bernard Drive
Roanoke, VA 24018
Phone: 540-772-2010
Email Public Information Office

Please allow a minimum of three weeks advance notice to schedule a speaker. Every effort will be made to arrange a speaker for your specified date, yet on occasion, an alternate date may be necessary.

Suggested Topics for Your Group

Here are some suggested topics that can be presented to your group. If there is a specific topic you would like to know more about, please email the Public Information Office.

  • Appraisal Process - Learn the method of identifying, locating and estimating the value of properties within the County.
  • Community Development - From zoning to building permits and Community Planning Areas, learn how the Department of Community Development works to maintain our County's diverse neighborhoods and communities.
  • County Services Overview - What does Roanoke County do for you? Learn more about the services and programs Roanoke County offers to residents, from trash collection to fire protection, schools, police, social services and mandated reporters, recreation opportunities, and more.
  • Crime Prevention - Get tips on how to protect you and your family from crime.
  • Economic Development - An overview of Roanoke County's Economic Development programs that strengthen our local economy and help maintain our community's quality of life.
  • Fire Safety - Learn how to keep your home and family safe from fires.
  • Greenway Program - Learn about the process, routes and development of the County's greenways.
  • An Overview of Roanoke County Government - How County government works, from the elected Board of Supervisors, to County Administration, and staff departments.
  • Park Partners Program - Learn how you or your organization can volunteer within Roanoke County Parks and Recreation.
  • Road and Transportation Projects - Learn about upcoming transportation projects on the books for Roanoke County, from highways to greenways.
  • Roanoke County Capital Projects - Roanoke County maintains hundreds of facilities for taxpayers, from County buildings to ballparks and everything in between. Learn more about how capital maintenance projects are prioritized each year to serve our citizens with the best possible facilities and services.
  • Roanoke County's Budget and Planning Process - Where do your tax dollars go? Find out how Roanoke County's annual budget is created and allocated each year.
  • RoCo Alert Citizen Notification System - Find out how RoCo Alert works and the benefits of signing up for this free emergency notification system.
  • Starting Your Own Business -Find out the basic steps to starting a business in Roanoke County, from zoning requirements to business licensing.
  • Stormwater Management - Learn why stormwater management is a vital part of our efforts to maintain a sustainable, safe and clean community.

Contact Us

Contact the Public Information Office at 540-772-2010 for more information.